Our Story


Saisei Ventures was founded by a group of biotechnology veterans and investors with a shared passion to shape the future of medicine and to improve patient outcomes through innovation. They saw a need for a venture capital firm that was entrepreneur-centric, science focused, and equipped to provide the expertise, guidance, and network connections needed to build companies and help them succeed. The origin of the name “Saisei” is derived from the Japanese concept of regrowth, rebirth, or regeneration. Indeed, many of the advanced medicines in which we invest have the potential to be regenerative, disease-modifying, or curative. To us, Saisei represents the revitalization of a biotechnology ecosystem and a rekindling of hope to the many patients around the world. We are committed to building transformative biotech companies from revolutionary science. Our approach to investing starts with a deep understanding of the science behind the technology. We work closely with leading scientists, industry experts, and entrepreneurs to evaluate the potential of new discoveries and understand their impact on healthcare. Our goal is to identify those with the greatest potential to change the world and improve patient outcomes. At Saisei Ventures, we understand that each company faces unique challenges as they strive to bring their ideas into solutions. That's why we take a hands-on approach to investing, providing guidance and making connections to our global network to help our portfolio companies succeed.

Mission and Values


Our Mission

Our Mission: To generate returns by investing in strong science, leveraging the Japanese ecosystem, and actively building globally competitive biotechnology companies that will have the greatest impact on patient lives. We take a science-first approach to source technologies and companies from regions with strong academic-based fundamentals. We create value by filling gaps in entrepreneurial & process development leadership to elevate investee company programs to pharma industry standards.

Our Values



We are diligent in our work, consistently striving for excellence and taking pride in the quality of our output. We do what we say we will do, honoring our commitments and delivering on our promises to our team members, clients, and partners. And above all, we always do what's right, even in challenging situations, and uphold ethical principles in all of our business dealings.


We are inclusive, valuing the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that our team members bring to the table. We are thoughtful in our communication and actions, taking the time to listen and understand others' viewpoints and needs. We value the individuality of others, recognizing and celebrating each person's unique strengths and talents.


We believe that trust is the foundation on which to build strong relationships, within our team, with our portfolio companies, and with our stakeholders. We strive to create a culture of transparency, honesty, and integrity, where everyone feels safe to share their ideas and opinions openly. We hold ourselves accountable to our commitments and deliver on our promises, consistently demonstrating reliability and professionalism.


We are naturally curious, always seeking to expand our knowledge and skills. We are not afraid to challenge the norm, embracing new ideas and approaches that can lead to innovation and progress. We understand that being uncomfortable is necessary for growth, and we actively seek out new challenges and opportunities to stretch ourselves. We foster a culture of curiosity, innovation, and resilience.


We are hard-working, committed to putting in the effort required to achieve our goals. We do not give up in the face of challenges or setbacks, believing that persistence is key to success. We understand that success is not always easy, and that obstacles and failures are a natural part of the journey. We believe that by cultivating grit and perseverance, we can overcome obstacles and achieve success.


We believe that the sum is greater than the parts. We are collaborative, leveraging the diverse perspectives and expertise of our team members to achieve the best outcomes for our companies and partners. We know our roles and responsibilities, our global team working together seamlessly to execute on our projects and initiatives.

The Untapped Potential of Japan

We believe that Japan's cutting-edge biotech market offers tremendous opportunities. From groundbreaking research to strong engineering fundamentals, the potential for impact is enormous. As a global venture capital firm, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges that come with investing and building companies in Japan and we meet these challenges by plugging our global expertise network into this region. Our goal is to identify and support the technologies that are poised to make the biggest difference in the lives of patients, both in Japan and around the world.



Japan ranks third in the world for patent applications related to science and technology, and 2nd ranked in the world for regenerative medicine patent applications.

Research Funds

$40 billion

The Japanese government has allocated 4.4 trillion yen ($40 billion) for healthcare and medical research in its 2021 budget.

Nobel Laureates


Japan has 22 Nobel laureates in the sciences, including Dr. Shinya Yamanaka (2012) for his discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells.

Market Size

$88.7 billion

Japan's pharmaceutical market is the third-largest in the world, with a market size of approximately 9.7 trillion yen ($88.7 billion), according to the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

Market Size

$482 billion

Japan’s healthcare market was estimated to be worth approximately 52.8 trillion yen ($482 billion), according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Investment Strategy & Philosophy


We have a strong focus on investing in early stage biotechnology companies that have the potential to transform the healthcare landscape. We believe that cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicines have the power to unlock new treatments and cures for a range of diseases, and we are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who are working to make this a reality.

Our strategy is centered on identifying and combining innovative technologies and breakthrough science and partnering with visionary founders who have a deep understanding of their field. We build exciting ventures with pharma attractiveness and create value through our networks in Japan and the rest of the world. Our goal is to help drive the growth of the biotech sector, and to create lasting value for our investors, our portfolio companies, and ultimately, for patients around the world.


Identifying Innovative Technologies and Breakthrough Science

We focus on cutting-edge research and emerging technologies, such as cell and gene therapies, which have potential to enter new markets and disrupt traditional industries. We invest in seed and early opportunities with demonstrated POC to the early clinical stage. We leverage our deep understanding of the science, and balance risk on a mid-term investment horizon.


Building Companies with High Growth Potential

We work with founders and founding teams to advance programs along the biotech value chain and build to pharmaceutical standards. We emphasize manufacturing excellence. We identify areas of market need and combine globally siloed technologies to create new ventures or spin offs from existing companies.


Growing Value In and From Japan

Japan has the key ingredients to compete on the global stage: world-class institutions, Nobel prize winning research, and a culture focused on engineering excellence and high quality. We leverage our network to uncover quality opportunities in Japan and support our entrepreneurs to become sector leaders, all with the aim to generate substantial returns for society.


Connecting with Global Capital and Business Partners

We aim to connect with global capital and business partners to provide our companies with the resources, expertise, and market access they need to succeed in today's global market.



Jonathan Yeh

Jonathan Yeh

Managing Partner

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Hikaru Saito


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Hardy TS Kagimoto


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Sven Kili


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Yusuke Wada

Senior Associate

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Sonny Dhawan


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Toshihiko Komori

Venture Partner

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Christina Trojel-Hansen


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Richard Kincaid

Board Manager

Darren Winia

Darren Winia

Head of Finance & Board Manager


We recognize the importance of human capital. People are not just employees, but valued assets who are critical to success. We are a global team that combines science, business, and strategy. We are always interested in meeting with exceptionally talented people who have interest in joining our growing team or in making a difference at our portfolio companies.

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